Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mueller Park – Winter Hike and Some around town shots.


Today I woke up and just marveled at the fog. It was the perfect density, i.e. thick enough that it was pretty and slightly creepy, but not thick enough that I was scared for my life. I decided hey, this would be great to get some cool foggy woods shots! So I got dressed and headed up the hill towards Mueller Park.

As I drove higher and higher up the hill, the fog started getting thicker and thicker and I was getting more excited. Then poof. Sunlight. I had driven above the fog line. Darn.

DSC_0855 DSC_0860
I did manage to get these cool above the clouds shots.

Somewhat disappointed I wouldn’t get any cool foggy woods shots I almost turned back towards home, then decided eh, I'm here why not go for a hike?


I decided to take the hike the opposite way as last time I was here for a few reasons. 1 Didn’t know if the 2nd trail would have been used enough for me to figure out where I need to go. 2. I wasn’t sure how far up I wanted to go.

DSC_0753 DSC_0759
One thing I found interesting, the forest smells amazing in the wintertime. Something about the crisp cold air mingling with pine needles it is awesome.

DSC_0761  DSC_0780DSC_0769DSC_0783
Normally you can see the valley, the lake and Antelope island from here, but uh… fog/smog it is now a big fluffy pillow.

DSC_0796 DSC_0845 DSC_0849

After hiking around and going back into the fog I stopped at few places and took some good foggy pictures. I probably would have done a lot more, but I feel kind of weird pulling over and getting out with the camera… I mean, it’s Bountiful not Yellowstone the locals aren’t really accustomed to that behavior.


This is the stream going through Mueller park, but further down next to where a mill used to stand. I always wanted to stop here and finally did today, was not very impressed.


The Original Mill Stones… this is what they preserved of the mill.

After this the fog started making me nervous to be driving in, so I headed home and called it a day. It was kind of nice going out and hiking though, I don’t think I have ever hiked in the wintertime before.

Mueller Park in the Wintertime: 9 Squirrels out of 10. It is frequented enough that the snow is packed down enough to make it easy to hike, but the snow scares off enough people that it is not crowded.

squirrels 9