Thursday, February 21, 2013

Bridal Veil Falls – Winter Time.


It has been a pretty rough winter and I haven't gotten out in far longer than I would have liked. So we took advantage of the sunny 3 day weekend and took a short road trip out to Provo. I have been wanting to get a few more frozen waterfall pictures and since this one is so easy to get to I thought it would be perfect.


The mountains above Provo. (DBP Album)


The mouth of Provo Canyon. I love the striping the rocks and snow make.

The trail from the Bridal Veil Park area was still snowed out and we didn’t have the proper gear to hike it. Yes its fairly flat, but there is a pull out right in front of the waterfall, so why risk slipping and falling? Besides we have done it before.

Copy of DSC_0716

Copy of DSC_0718

And here we are at the upper lookout, which was also still closed, but there was room to safely pull over to view the falls.

Copy of DSC_0741

The waterfall itself is freely flowing, but there is a cool ice fall just to the right of it.

Copy of DSC_0721

This is a really high waterfall, at 607 feet I think it is the highest always flowing waterfall in Utah, although I have been unable to prove or disprove that. If you look really closely at the base of the falls you can see some people at the bottom.

Copy of DSC_0726

They all wandered off shortly after taking that last shot so I thought I would take advantage of the now people-less scene.

Copy of DSC_0730

Some foreground.

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Copy of DSC_0737

A closer look. It is freely flowing, but the edges are solid ice.

I love this waterfall. I wish we had hiked up to it to see what it looks like from the bottom. Oh well. Still very beautiful and made the trip worth it.


A look across the other side of the canyon toward Mt. Timpanogos. Although, I don’t think you can actually see that here.


A view up the canyon. Again, loving the layers of rock and snow.



A couple pretty shots further up the canyon. (Both DBP)


There was a scenic turn out here so we pulled over. It’s pretty and all, but I don’t know what we should be seeing.


My eye was drawn towards these bright yellow trees. (DBP)


A frozen solid Deer Creek Reservoir. There were a lot of ice fishers out on it today, but I didn’t get a picture.


Somewhere in Heber (DBP). There is quite a bit LESS snow up here in the mountains than there is in the valley. I know this is due to the inversion and the out of the norm weather we have been getting this year, but it is still kind of weird to see.

We apparently missed our turn to continue towards Park City and back home but we were enjoying our little adventure and it didn’t take much to get ourselves back on track.


Besides it allowed us to see this beauty! I am unsure if this was a water main break of some sort, or an intentional act of weather art. Either way it’s pretty cool!


Old barn.


Frozen Jordanelle Reservoir. (DBP) I think this may be the first time I have driven on this side of it. Usually we take the road on the other side going towards the Uintas.


Even though the inversion has loosened its grip on us I knew it was pretty bad again, so I planned on getting a picture of it on the way back down. Unfortunately, I forgot to retrieve my camera from the trunk I stuffed it in while we stopped in Park City. so here is a DBP shot from my cell phone. Still shows the blanket of ick we’ve all been breathing for the last couple weeks. Yum!

All in all today was quite a fun, much needed excursion into the great outdoors. I would have loved to do more hiking, but I’ll take what I can get.