Monday, June 28, 2010

Photo Of The Week June 20th – 26th 2010

Partial Lunar Eclipse:

We had a partial lunar eclipse in Salt Lake over the weekend. I honestly didn’t think that a) I would even be up that late, b) I would be able to see it from my neighborhood and c) I would even be able to capture it properly. Luckily, I was proven wrong on all 3 counts. Seeing as I have never seen a lunar eclipse, I will take that partial thank you very much.

DSC_0319 This was near the beginning, after I FINALY got my camera calibrated to take a picture of the moon properly. (you should see some of the pictures before this one, yikes!) Sorry the watermark is poorly placed. DSC_0334 This is towards the end of the event. After this the sun starts coming up, and the moon started setting behind some tree’s. I thought about staying up to watch it recede all the way, but it was way too late.DSC_0319 (2)   Here is a close-up of the first image. I STILL cannot believe I captured this.

As we watched the amazing event we talked about how it is no wonder the earliest civilizations were both awed and terrified of these events I mean, if you had no idea what a lunar eclipse was, and you started the night with a full moon, only to watch it slowly disappear what would you do?

All in all I am glad I stayed up to enjoy it.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Photo Of The Week: June 13th – 19th


This Segment I randomly decided to do is just my favorite random snap each week. I would like to note that this segment may not necessary cover any of my best work, but more something I felt was amazing. More than likely something within a mile of my home.

DSC_0219 9modified)

Crescent moon, and I believe Mars during sunset.

I am actually kind of proud of this as I snapped it while I went to get the mail, and did not have my tripod with me.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Pardon My Dust

I don’t know how this thought evaded me for so long, but today it struck me that I need 2 blogs. I need one for my Photography and one for everything else. I decided that there may be people interested in my photography that may not necessarily be interested in my random rants and observations and, although I sure more rare, vice versa.

So this blog, Random Rambler will now be my photography, and will typically stick to nature, with maybe a few other random photography interests. There will still be blogs regarding my random hikes local and in my travels.

My sister blog: Cabbit’s Life will be just that, everything else that I rant about and observe.

Over the next few days I will be moving unrelated posts from Random Rambler to Cabbit’s Life. I will also slowly be moving all of my old Myspace and/or Facebook blogs over to it’s corresponding blog. So long time followers, ignore the old content, or re-read if interested. New followers, enjoy some of my old stuff!

I am also updating the look of both of them to hopefully be easier to read and use.

Any and all feedback is always welcome.


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Photo Of The week June 6th – 12th with Accompanying Survey.

DSC_0182 (2)DSC_0182 (2) 

Photo A                              Photo B

I had this dilemma this week week where I accidentally posted a photo before I had saved my modifications, which resulted in a debate. Which is better. a shot I took and made no modifications to, or a shot I took and made some modifications to. (which I actually do rarely believe it or not.) So, now I would like your oppinion. Please take a moment to fill out my Survey below.

Photo A as photographed. B “photoshopped”