Saturday, May 9, 2009

Money Well Spent

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Months and Months ago I purchased a remote for my camera. I knew this was going to be a useful accessory due to the time old adage: The photographer is never photographed. I played with my new toy a couple of time at family events and what not.

Today the final verdict came in. On Christmas I had asked the family to get together and take a family portrait, which when you have 7 kids, plus spouses, plus children becomes quite the ordeal. Anyway I got everybody to get together at once and take a picture with my new remote, and my camera on a tripod.

Today, for Mothers day I gave my mom, and all moms in my family, the print of that picture. They loved it, but a little later my mom asked me who took the picture. I said I did. She said, wow. It doesn’t look like you have run into the frame. I responded with, that’s because I didn’t. I was able to pose the whole family, calmly walk in, and settle up and then take several pictures. The remote came with the option of a delay when I press the button. Allowing for time to palm it before the shot is taken. The final result, having the entire family calmly posed, looking as if someone else took the picture.

On the same note I did the same idea for a gift for Landis’ mom. During Christmas I made the family endure a shot of all of us via remote shot. When she opened her gift she went silent. I, being still new to the family, worried something was wrong, when I realized she was verclempt. She was so verclempt, I started getting all verclempt. She just couldn’t speak. Here I was thinking I had gone the cheap route, heres a pic I took of the family, and a cheap walmart frame, and she is touched to the point of tears. I knew she wanted the set I put together, and that’s why I did it, but I never expected this.
Lets see:

Camera: $600.00
Remote: $8.00
Print: $3.00
Cheap Frame: $3.00
Seeing your mother, and mother in law speechless: Priceless.