Saturday, July 8, 2017

Fernwood Picnic Area

Fernwood Picnic Area is a great little picnic spot in Layton that also offers some hiking options as well. We’ve learned that the dogs don’t handle long trails in the heat very well so I wanted to do something short, shady, and that had access to water. This was the perfect place that met those needs. We hiked south along the Bonneville Shoreline Trail (BST) and found 2 creeks that were perfect for wading and cooling off in.


Quick Details:

Length: We did about 1.2 miles today, but it keeps going.
Difficulty: DR2-3 if you stay on the BST its fairly flat and easy. If you take a side trail up it gets a little more tough.
Elevation Gain: We did 377 ft. But, it did keep going.
Restroom: Yes. There are 3 pit toilets. 1 at the trail loop, and 2 at the picnic area.
Dogs? Yes. Please clean up after your furry friends.

To Get Here:

Take US 89 in Layton to 1500 N and turn right. Immediately turn left onto Valley View Dr. After a half mile turn right onto Fernwood Dr. Drive another half mile and turn right to stay on Fernwood Dr Follow that another 2/10 of a mile to the Picnic area. 3333 Fernwood Cir, Layton, UT 84040.

If you want to picnic take the lower loop. If you want to hike, continue to the upper loop.

The Trail:

The trail we took today is The Bonneville Shoreline Trail. We picked it up on the south end of the parking lot. We didn’t do it today, but you can take this all the way to Adams Canyon or beyond.


The parking lot. You can see the trailhead at the end of it.


Beginning of the trail. Pretty wide and well packed.


Not very far up we reached the first little stream.


Or course the pups wanted to play in it.


Lovely woods to hike through.


And before long (I’d say maybe a quarter mile) we reached South Fork Kays Creek.


The bridge over the creek.


A little further along the trail opens up an offers a great view of the valley below.


Here we can see Holmes Reservoir and Adams Reservoir.

IMG_2902 - Copy

Random hawk.



We decided at this point the trail was too exposed with not enough shade on this hot day, so we decided to turn back.


Looking at the mountains above.


We went back to the creek to let the dogs cool off a bit.


It is kind of nice.

I noticed a side trail that went up this canyon so we decided to check that out.




Thin trail through some thick woods, but at least we have shade.


Couple random fire rings.



Nice and green up here.


A couple side trails allow you to see the creek.


View of the mountain.


And then the creek just… stops. Well that is a shame. I was hoping we’d find a waterfall or something. Oh well. We decided to call it a day and head back.


Another look at the hill above.


Holy spider web city batman.




The thick forest.


Back down to the creek.


After another fun wading session we decided to head back.


Climbing on rocks.


Shot of the main trail.


One last look at the mountains above.

The picnic area was nice as well. Plenty of shade. No fires allowed, but I believe portable gas grills are. Be prepared to pack out your trash as I was unable to find a garbage can.

Well, that was fun. It would probably be better on a less hot day, but at least we had some shade and the creek to cool down in. Not a lot of people on the main trail, and none on the side trail we took. Going with a 7 out of 10.

7 squirrels

As for difficulty, the main BST was easy and fairly flat so DR2. The side trail was thin and overgrown so DR3.

Dogs are allowed. Please clean up after your furry friends.

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

Battle Creek Falls - Runoff

Battle Creek Falls is a great waterfall at the top of a short moderate trail in Pleasant Grove Utah. It is known for being a fantastic twin waterfall. However we have done it 3 times before and it was always a single waterfall. We had a really good winter this year, and the rivers are flowing really high so I thought I would give it another try. I am super glad we did, because while not exactly a twin waterfall, the secondary waterfall was at least flowing. From my experience, to see the full twins, go late May, early June after a good winter.


Quick Details:

Length: About .6 miles to the Falls, 1.2 round trip.
Difficulty: DR3 Nice wide well packed path. Somewhat quick elevation gain, but not too bad.
Elevation Gain: About 630 ft.
Restroom: No. I have seen porta-potty’s here in the past, not sure if there was some construction of if they bring one in sometimes.
Dogs? Allowed, leashed

To Get Here:

Head south on i15. Take exit 275 for pleasant grove, and head east. Turn right on state St. turn left on 200 S. Follow that all the way up until the road turns into a dirt parking lot next to Kiwanis Park.

The Trail.


The parking lot offers a decent view of Utah Lake.


Heading up the trail. You can see it is a nice wide path.

IMG_2668 - Copy

Nice view of Mount Timpanogos.


Fun rock formations.


About 2/3’s of the way up you come across the diversion pool (the creek is diverted for irrigation and is dry below here).


The creek.


Introducing our new hiking buddies: Mickey (left) and Mia (right). We’ve been slowly taking them on some trails to see how they do, and so far so good.


This is a great spot to let your pups cool down.

After letting them play in the water for a few minutes we decided to continue up.


The wide open trail thins out a bit, and offers more shade for a little while now.


The creek from the bridge. Getting close but the last push is the steepest part and is back in the sun.


Little cave.


Landslide. I don’t remember this being here.


You can’t miss the turn off for the waterfall. And if you do, you will realize it pretty quickly. The side trail down looks steeper than it is, I have never had any trouble going up or down it.


Well, not exactly a twin waterfall, but at least the secondary waterfall is going this time. I think I am about a week or 2 too late this year. But, either way, it is super pretty.


With the creek below. I just love the color of the rocks.


Little extended exposure.


And me, to show size.

After relaxing and enjoying the waterfall, and the cool mist for a while, we decided to head on back.


Lovely view down the canyon with Utah Lake.


The dogs explore the little cave.


Mickey plays in the creek below the bridge.


Pretty wildflowers.


Back down to the diversion pond.


Neat old tree.


Utah Lake again.


From just above the parking lot.

I still really enjoy this trail. Even though I have yet to see the full twin falls, it is a fun hike. But, there is not a lot of shelter from the sun so in the warm months, I recommend getting an early start. We got a little later start and it was a little warmer on the way down than I would have liked but not too bad today. However, I think it is time to start moving up in elevation. This is a popular trail with lots of people, but we actually got a moment alone with the waterfall so that was great. Going with 9 out of 10 squirrels today.

9 squirrels

As for difficulty. as I mentioned it is mostly full sun, and there is the steep section towards the end. But overall, it is short, and not too bad. DR3.

Dogs are allowed, leashed. Please clean up after your furry friends.

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